Service & Maintenance tips

We offer 6 months of free service when you purchase an electric bike from us. This means that you can stop by and have us check out that squeaky brake, change a flat tire,  or schedule a more thorough tune up. 



We provide top-quality service with an emphasis towards promoting long-term reliability and enjoyment of your bicycle. Our focus is electric bicycles, we can do it all in our full service shop, from wheel building to overhauls to brake bleeds. Our knowledgable staff is trained to service all of the motor systems that we sell. We take pride in the work we do to keep your bicycle maintained for everyday use, because we believe in professional service, honest dealing, and most importantly, bicycles as transportation.





Since it is often not possible to diagnose electrical problems without some troubleshooting, we charge a minimum of $60, and bill at our ebike labor rate of $100 per hour thereafter. Depending on circumstance, we may ask for a deposit of up to $300 before starting work (not including parts).


-Slime those tires! We have a bad goat head problem here in Idaho and its good to take precautions against the doom of getting a flat.

-Take care of your battery. Batteries don't like extremes, that means if its in the triple digits or sub zero temperatures, bring your battery inside and give it a break. 

-Get a good lock and use it, just sayin... " keeps honest people honest"

-Brake pads are going to need replaced more often that a regular bike. E bikes go faster therefore requiring more braking. 

-Bikes can be customized, if you need a more comfortable seat or raised handlebars, we can do that. We want your bike to be perfect for you and your riding style.